Lace Up Stretch Denim Shorts (3 colours)


Lace up with eyelet side details, straight cut, high waist in stretchable denim material. Lace up length can be adjusted to tighten or loosen.

In colours: Black, White, Light Blue

On models: White, Light Blue (size S)

Sizes available in S - XL.

Shipping Details


WAIST: 12.5" - 14" (across, stretchable)

HIP: 17" (across, stretchable)

LENGTH: 12" (down)

RISE: 10.5" (down)


WAIST: 13" - 14.5" (across, stretchable)

HIP: 17" (across, stretchable)

LENGTH: 12.5" (down)

RISE: 10.5" (down)


WAIST: 14" - 15.5" (across, stretchable)

HIP: 18" (across, stretchable)

LENGTH: 13" (down)

RISE: 11" (down)


WAIST: 14.5" - 16" (across, stretchable)

HIP: 18.5" (across, stretchable)

LENGTH: 13.5" (down)

RISE: 11" (down)

Material: Denim, spandex

(Please allow slight variation in measurements.)

Model is 157cm