Eyelet Lace Up Cold Shoulder Dress


Eyelet lace material in A-line cut dress with lace-up ribbon details at the front. Adjustable and stretchable shoulder straps. The lace up ribbon can be adjusted to your prefer fit at the chest and waist area. Conceal back zip.

On model is White.

Shop with ease online: Exchange for other colour or design can be done at our retail store with your E-receipt.

Shipping Details

Measurement: One Size

PTP: 80cm (across)

ARM WIDTH: 13cm - 20cm (across, stretchable)

WAIST: 72cm (across, adjustable by tightening lace up)

HIPS: 86cm (across)

FULL LENGTH: 70cm (down, include shoulder straps)

*Shoulder straps length is adjustable

*Has inner lining, non sheer.

Material: Cotton polyester

Model is 163cm